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Chloe Jhangiani, LCSW #77734

Chloe Jhangiani is a individual/family therapist and mentor at Coyote Coast.

She was born in Virginia but has fallen in love with the Bay Area for its natural beauty, cultural richness and social justice values. Chloe is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her degree from Smith College. She works in a relational way, incorporating mindfulness, and the arts into her therapeutic work. Chloe has worked in clinic and school settings with children, youth and adults of all ages.  She feels particularly drawn to working with teenagers and young adults because of the particular struggles and opportunities they encounter in exploring their identity and finding their own, unique place in the world.  When not working, Chloe loves spending time with her partner and new baby, cooking for friends, training martial arts, exploring new trails with her dog, or painting.

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