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Foundations Program: Early Interventions

The Foundations program is designed to support families in practicing new ways of relating to one another. 


Families participating in Foundations have teens that are facing a variety of difficulties at home.  We see a wide range of behaviors that may be associated with anxiety and depression, such as suicidal ideation, substance abuse/addiction, computer gaming abuse/addiction, self-harming behaviors like cutting, eating disorders, oppositional behaviors in the home and community, and poor school performance.  Our goal is to support families at home and to prevent out of home placements, when possible.


The Foundations Program Includes:


  • A Specialized Family Assessment using a Multidimensional Family Approach

  • Weekly Family Therapy

  • Parent Coaching & Crisis Intervention

  • Weekly Mentoring

  • Teen Experiential Activities


Coyote Coast Therapists use a solution-focused team approach, emphasizing close collaboration with treating and related professionals including:


  • Education Consultants

  • Out-of-Home Program Staff

  • Local Service Providers such as

  • Psychologists/Psychiatrists

  • Community & Educational Therapists

  • School Professionals

  • Treatment Programs


If you are interested or would like further information, please call 925-258-5400 ext. 0 or email us

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