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Ryan Crochiere, LMFT#94210

Ryan Crochiere is a trainer, and consultation facilitator at Coyote Coast.


Ryan weaves into his work, 20 years of experience in wilderness adventure education, rock/mountain guiding, leadership, counseling, and family services. He has worked in a number of therapeutic wilderness settings and therapeutic residential programs. Having navigated the difficult waters of adolescence with supportive mentors and a family therapist himself, he understands how helpful and productive the right support can be. Ryan obtained a Bachelor’s in therapeutic use of wilderness from Prescott College and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies.


He can think of no better place to put his services to work than the team at Coyote Coast; he has provided school-based counseling services at a local private school, facilitated groups for teens, offers family therapy services, and provides mentoring for individuals. Ryan was also a wilderness guide for Coyote Coast's Inner Odysseys program. In his work, Ryan aims to provide collaborative counseling that is honest, compassionate, and in tune with the goals and ambitions of both the organizations he serves and the individuals involved. Ryan holds a particular attachment perspective within a systemic frame emphasizing the notion that no one shall be left behind; he strives hard to meet that in his work with teens, families, and organizations.


Ryan currently has a private practice in Berkeley and Orinda CA, where he sees individual clients and families.  In the recent past Ryan worked for the Marina Counseling Center in San Francisco, is a consultant to Crossroads Residential Care, and actively guides for Outback Adventures. In his free time Ryan enjoys getting outside and being involved in the surrounding environment through rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing, surfing, meditation, kayaking, and running.







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