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Young Men's Group Trip to Alamere Falls May 2014

​The Young Men's Group at Coyote Coast took a hiking trip to Alamere Falls just North of Stinson Beach. It was a beautiful day, perfect for such a trip. The goal for the trip was to get the group out in a space that reconnected them with experiences they took away from Wilderness. Our day was centered around building brotherhood, and cementing relationships with each other that have begun to foster within the group sessions. We had a great trip and experienced some beautiful views of the coast. We passed Bass lake and many in the group commented on how beautiful and majestic the lake looked as the morning suns sparkling rays reflected off the lake. After the trip many in the group reflected on the experience of discovering many social and cultural similarities with each other around music and art, even though they all attend different schools and live in somewhat different areas. Overall the trip was great with plenty of great takeaways.

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