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Young Men's Group

On Sunday November the 2nd the Young Men's Group took a trip to Paintball Jungle in American Canyon, CA. This was an exciting trip because it allowed the young men who participated a chance to shoot their leaders with some paint! Gratifying for any young teen I am sure. ​ We welcomed a new member on this day and as usual the group was very gracious in their acceptance of a new member. We had a wonderful time in which we played on 3 different courses, mixing the teams up constantly, and played a game with some of the other players at the course. Unfortunately we did not join "The Big Game" in which the people take on the San Francisco Hornets team. There was an online gaming celebrity there named Syndicate! He almost inspired the group to go into "The Big Game" so they could shoot him with some paint! Overall it was a great trip for all.

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